Home is Fun helps you address the needs of your home through practical, laughter-filled activity ideas.

  1. You come home from work to find the house a MESS. Yes, it's discouraging, but take heart. Try one of the Home is Fun ideas to help make your house more orderly. We give you tools to delegate some of the work to your children too!
    • Click on the "My life would be better if" menu and select "My home were in order"
    • You will find the articles which correspond to that specific goal.
  2. Family life seems boring: school, work, weekends spent on homework and correcting the kids. We've all been there. Try making memories with an activity you all enjoy. Did you know that playing catch is a great cooking skill? Parents and children sure remember that fun cooking game with a smile.
    • Click on the "I like" menu and select "Cooking & Meals"
    • You'll be directed to our easy Home Is Fun recipes for fun cooking with kids. It's a joy for parents too.
  3. Your spouse is particularly grumpy (no!) and you're concerned it might be contagious. Mom and Dad need time without the kids...to the benefit of the entire family.
    • Click on "Let's have fun with my loved one" menu and select "Spouse"
    • Pick and choose among the Home Is Fun ideas for fun as a couple.
  4. OR The little kids seem to swallow up your time and your older child needs some special attention. Enjoy a meaningful "Rendez-vous" with your pre-teen son or daughter doing what they like. Let Home Is Fun provide the inspiration and planning tips to make your life easier.
    • Click on the "I like" menu and select one of the ways your child has fun
    • Also click on the "Let's have fun with my loved one" menu and select "9-13 yr children"
    • You'll discover age-appropriate and interest-related Home Is Fun ideas.