Our Mission: Strong Families

Home is Fun provide means and tools to strengthen the emotional muscle of the family:

- Relax stress zones,
- Smoooooth out organizational bumps,
- Tone up innovative communication,
- Flex constructive discipline, &
- Exercise creative family fun.

Home Is Fun addresses serious issueshow to build each family member up to be a positive contributor to society, first the family network then the wider communityin a fun way.

Denise Dampierre, Home Is Fun founder Our Founder: Denise Dampierre

Denise is the creative force behind Home Is Fun. Daily stretched by her four boys, she realized parenting presents a choice: to grow closer through those challenges—and to enjoy her kids—or to get frustrated.

“When family is a chore, life seems heavy.” So, as a typical MBA, she sought out “consultants” for ways to make enjoying life with kids easier and more fun: childcare professionals, psychologists, teachers, home organizers, experienced parents. (You’ll find many of their books referenced on Home Is Fun.) “Most experts have great ideas. It’s the putting into practice that’s a challenge.”

That’s how Home Is Fun was born. We take experts’ advice and bring the concepts to around-the-kitchen-table practicality and during-the-car-trip feasibility. Some home improvement efforts seem to require loads of time and energy. Our ideas fit busy schedules.

Denise likens Home Is Fun to a child’s construction (think Lego) project with each eclectic facet of her life representing a colourful block. Her industrial engineering studies (Northwestern) introduced her to process flow, like getting the kids to school on time with a smile. Her MBA (Harvard) taught her to think strategically: how to turn the problem of never flushing the toilet into the opportunity to teach respect of others? Through her current work as a marketing consultant (focusing on Appreciative Inquiry), Denise helps people identify what they do well“Nice job doing your homework without needing a reminder,”
and then do that systematically. As a Parisian and a marketer trained at Lancôme, she brings modern, French chic into the home. Her faith in Jesus infuses her work with purpose and joy.

Denise is also a Certified Positive Discipline Educator for parents and for teachers and leads workshiops in Paris.  These small group classes provide experiential teaching (loooots of role plays and discovering the child as well as the parents' perspective) to

- help pass on positive life skills and values
- eliminate power struggles
- establish calm homework, bedtime, and morning routines
- quiet sibling rivalry
- and much more

Upcoming classes are listed on the Positive Discipline websites.  www.positivediscipline.com and www.positivediscipline.org

“My hope: joy-filled homes. That’s fun!”


Photograph by Sue Rynski