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Home Is Fun - Easy n' fun tools to build up emotional muscle in the family.  Build strong relationships.  Reduce challenges.  Make home fun.

Get tips to make family organization easy, fun and effective & tons of ideas to help make the most of your time with the kids.

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Let Me Color & Frank de Kleine Let Me Color. Frank de Kleine creates unique, modern, printable coloring pages. Let your kids color a dirt-bike rider in full jump, a Lamborghini, President Obama, or a field of poppies (soon to be red, pink, orange, and ….) His boxing girl illustrates Home Is Fun’s post “Who’s the Real Opponent?
Robert Krampf Science Education Great humoured, grandfatherly looking Robert Krampf welcomingly invites us to discover the wonder beyond what the eye usually sees (and the nose smells….) His weekly newsletter with a doable scientific experiment leaves us feeling wonder-filled. We use his ideas to animate our teeny tiny parties.
More Coloring Pages for Kids - Free online coloring pages for kids with different types of coloring activities!


KidBibs is web site devoted to bringing kids and books together. Home Is Fun likes the personalized awards you can make to affirm your kids. Our fav’s: Collaborative Kid Award & Creative Problem Solver Award.



Pylones Pylones’ home tools have a French, child-like flair that transforms everyday objects into colourful, fun-loving, practical items. The Home Is Fun favorites: the Cinderella and Prince balayette, critter nail-clippers, ballerina pens, and smiling treasure boxes.
Independent Means & Joline Godfrey Independent Means provides parents with the tools to raise financially self-reliant children with values that support lives of purpose and passion. Joline Godfrey (CEO) has written extensively on teaching money management skills to kids. Independent Means Inc also organizes captivating summer camps for teens.
Effective Parenting Effective Parenting co-founders Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller offer Christian Parenting Conferences, trains leaders to run Effective Parenting Support Groups, and provides biblical parenting resources to churches. Their books, videos, workbooks, and parent training materials focus on the heart to help children make lasting changes. Their resources have inspired posts like “Break the Fighting Routine” and “What Is It About ‘No’ that You Don’t Understand?