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Boy's birthday cake decorated like a treasure box.Isn't she lovely, made from love? Each child is a treasure:  the sweet and sour packed together.  Here's a fun family game to revive that precious view of our kids.

What do Pirate Pete and Princess Priscilla have in common? They are the perfect child for their parents. Oh, both have plenty of faults. They also have the exact parents they need and who need them too.

A child’s devilish side often attracts most of the parental attention. Jo Frost (Supernanny) and parenting psychologists warn against focusing too much on children’s negative behavior. We're rewarding them for being a pain!. Frost also reminds parents not to resort to whining themselves. (“I can’t take it anymore,” “Why can’t these kids just obey?” “I’m tired of repeating myself over and over and over again.”) Oh oh.

Recognizing and acknowledging children’s positive actions takes practice. Start with the obvious. It’s also hilarious.

Congratulate your child on…eating!

The object of this fun is for the entire family to realize the kids can master multiple tasks simultaneously and effectively. This accomplishment is taken for granted.

Helpful Hints

- Be playful. If Dad is more of a joker than Mom, let him take the lead.

- Introduce the subject of your kids’ wonderfulness during a meal. “This Christmas, I too had a revelation. You are amazing! You have mastered the art of eating.” (Respond to blank stares with a grin and continue.)

- Eating requires the utilization and coordination of numerous muscles from multiple body parts. Break the process down into the multiple steps to marvel at your child’s mastery: “The brain commands the fingers to initiate action. Fingers and thumb curl under fork. Elbow rises to angle fork. Arm lowers for fork to puncture food in plate….. “

- Make it a show-and-tell with robot-like movements.

- When you finally relate how the jaw moves to chew the food, your mouth should be full. If someone doesn’t laughingly exclaim that you need to watch your manners, admit it yourselfl. “I a i-eel wood, no hoohing wif mouf fu” (In an ideal world, no chewing with your mouth full.) Hilarity abounds.

- Bon appetit!

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