Map Out Your Home

child shows parents a drawing of a castleHelp little tykes grasp notions of paradigms as you discover your living room. It probably has a different use for a six year old than it does for an adult. "I need those pillows from the sofa for my castle." 

This article is a sequel to Listening with Open Minds.

Junior might not relate to optical illusions, but he sure knows what is important in his home…like being able to keep all of his toys in the living room for easy access. Your dream is to settle down in the sofa after that long day and recuperate in an adult-friendly space. Learn to understand each other through self-made maps.

Mom showing anger.  Mom laughing
Leave "being right" for when the stakes are really high.
Helpful Hints
- Draw your respective maps of your home or living room.

- Attention spans can be limited so give yourself a limit: 5-10 minutes on the kitchen timer or a maximum of 15 items in the living room.

- Take turns to present your interpretations.

- Compare drawings. Remain factual and, when possible, positive. “We both like music. You have a drum set and I have a CD of Getz & Gilberto!”

- Conclude by finding a way to satisfy both of your needs (partly, is OK).

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