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A diplomat, business man, and professor addresses his friends' questions about Jesus.
Often we only hear about Jesus in a religious context, through the Bible, through church, through catechism. fuN@tHome is taking him out of this classical context to present a business executive and diplomat’s perspective.

Jesus: a layman's primer by The Trinity Forum, a non-profit organization which helps strengthen the spiritual dimension of the lives of secular leaders. Short, thought-provoking reading.
Jesus: a layman's primer
Alonzo L. McDonald writes from the perspective of a former US Ambassador, Managing Director (CEO Worldwide) of the McKinsey & Company consulting firm, faculty member of the Harvard Business School, successful entrepreneur, and family man (one wife, four kids, a dozen grandchildren).

This " Jesus 101" in less than 20 pages likens to a response to questions from friends. These discussions “usually center on the identity of Jesus, something about his life and relationships, his core teachings, the many failings and even atrocities of Christianity, and finally, why I now believe.” Click to order.

Home is Fun Review
Well written, an international flair, concise. Clearly written by a Christ-follower (McDonald's term), yet with just as clear a respect for people of other beliefs. Worthwhile reading for a trip on the Eurostar, the NY-Boston shuttle, or while waiting in line to pass airport security.
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