Make Friendship Bracelets + Explain Life Choices

Mom and son talkingUse the knotted, colored floss of Friendship Bracelets to share how your decisions intertwine to reveal the fabric of your life.

Managers are paid to make and deal with the consequences of choices. Good managers correctly evaluate the costs and benefits, take a stand, and then work to reach the expected positive outcome.

Mom and Dad are the home managers.

Acknowledge Kids' Questions

Do your kids ever question your choices too? We parents don't need to justify our decisions to our children. Yet, we can share some the circumstances, values, and dreams that led to our conclusions.

What better tool to share those insights than Friendship Bracelets? Use the knotted, colored floss to share how your decisions intertwine to reveal the fabric of your life.

Give Color to Your Reasons

Express your values with a colored string. “Darling, the red is for my love for you and the entire family which influences many of the choices I make. The yellow represents my desire to provide the best for you. My salary pays for our vacations and for your clothes. We also save some money so that when you have a family, you can spend it on your spouse and kids and not worry about Mom and Dad financially…”

Let Children Think Through Consequences

Help them think through choices too. When they respond that you must be earning less than Janey’s mom because her clothes are nicer, why not put choices to your kids? “What work are you willing to do for the family to get nicer shoes?” or for younger kids, “What would the week be like if Mom worked one more day than she does now? Would another pair of shoes make you happier on that day?” Be prepared for some interesting conversations. Consider it part of the ongoing cost-benefit analysis.

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