With Job Charts, Mom & Dad Vacation Too!

Kids help Mom & Dad cook...fun way Create Your One-of-a-Kind, Vacation-for-Everyone Job Chart. It's a mindboggling profitable investment. Parents put in 10 minutes now and receive 10 minutes per child per day of vacation. Now you’re smiling. Our way, the kids are too!

Download the Vacation Job Chart

We have two standard versions—all you do is fill in the names of your joyful participants—which cover tasks related to dinner (It’s the French side of us!)
- Dinner Chores:  Help cook, Set the table, Clear the table, Unload the dishwasher
- Dinner Service Chores:  Ring the bell, Help for 10 minutes, Sweep up those crumbs (and rice, peas....), Take out the trash

Customize & Personalize

For you creative and adventuresome parents, create your own Job Chart!  You are welcome to use our photos.  Download the sample and do your collage.  Here's how:

- Copy and paste pictures representing your kids’ chores from the options below onto the Vacation Job Chart document.

- For aesthetics, you may wish to adjust the size of the pics to 5cm x 5cm.

- Write your own prose, be it English, French, Danish…. Be creative. .

- Print your Vacation Job Chart and let the kids personalize it: draw photo frames with magic markers, color code names, let the kids sign it (they love it)…

- Enjoy!

Vacation Job Chart  now.

Engage Kitchen Helpers

Child Making Smiley Face Pizza
Help Cook

Boy empties dishwasher helping parents
Empty Dishwasher

Child sets family table
Set Table

Kids take trash out too.  Dad & Mom rest.
Take Out Trash

Set Table II

Kids sweeps crumbs so Mom doesn't chase them around home
Sweep B-fast Crumbs

Children join parents doing dishes
Help Rinse Dishes

Make the Living Room Livable

Child puts toys away
Put Away Toys
Son vacuums helping Mom & Dad
Child takes laundry to rooms for parents
Put Away Laundry
Son waters plants to help parents
Water Plants

Stop Mess Before It's Inside

Children sweep grime up before it gets past the entry way.
Sweep Doorway
Daughter hangs up coats
Clear up Hallway
Child neatly arranges  all the family's shoes
Store Shoes Neatly

Thrive With Survival Saviors

Child helps parent for 15 minutes
Help for 15 Minutes
Older kid reads to lillte ones to free up parents
Entertain 'Lil Ones
Son and daughter help parents bring in groceries
Help with Shopping

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