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Power Pointer lets kids see parents' instructions What's a Power Pointer?

- A pet peeve* reducer for Mom or Dad
- A parent’s tool to clearly communicate your recurring instructions
- An easy way to teach responsibility to your child
- A reminder to congratulate kids on a job well done.

All of the above!

Power Pointers ease family organization and help strengthen relationships between Mom, Dad, and the kids. (*A pet peeve is an actual or missing behavior that makes you angry. Ex. Not flushing toilets)

Make Power Pointers Enticing

Help kids catch the vision that your instructions are their road to greater freedom and opportunity. Parents’ recurring instructions train for adulthood and help develop skills

- to care for oneself (hygiene)
- to manage one’s responsibilities (homework, chores, thinking ahead)
- to live in harmony with other people (respecting people and common areas)
Think about it. Who wants a colleague with bad breath who arrives late?

Create Your Personalized Power Pointer

1. Download your Power Pointer Model now
2. Select up to 3 tasks below and copy and paste the photo onto your model.
3. Personalize your prose.
4. Place Power Pointers in a visible (high traffic) spot and use them.

Be Clean
(Personal Hygiene)

Boys Brushing Teeth  without Mom or Dad
Brush Teeth

Daughter putting away  her clean clothes
Put Clean Clothes Away (Girl)

Mom brushing daughter's hair
Brush Hair

Girl making Bed, being responsible
Make Bed (Girl)

Son putting clothes away, learning independence
Put Clean Clothes Away (Boy)

Boy combs hair
Look Great

Boy making bed, learning cleanliness
Make Bed (Boy)

Child putting on slipper, keeps house cleaner
Wear Slippers
(Keep Foot Grime Out of Bed)

Kid puts laundry in hamper
Put Dirty Clothes in Hamper
Wash hands before meals
Wash Hands Before Meals

Readers have recommended the following additions:
- Take a Bath or Shower
- Eat Breakfast
Tell us if you're interested and let us know what is missing.

Be Prepared
(Personal Responsibilities)

Girl concentrating on homework
Finish Your Homework (Girl)

Son vacuums helping Mom & Dad
Do Your Chore

Elementary age boy does homework without parents nagging
Finish Your Homework ('Lil Boy)

Children chose clothes for next day
Set Out Your Clothes

Pre-teen finishing homework
Finish Your Homework (Pre-Teen)

Kids, Mom and Dad prepared bags for tomorrow
Prepare Your Bag

Parent signature requested
Get Parental OK

Did we forget something? Let us know your requests.

Be Sensitive
( Enjoyable Co-habitation)

Enjoy a Welcoming Front Hall

Kid welcomes parents in clean hallway
Keep Hall Welcoming
Daughter hangs up coats
Clean up Hallway
Child neatly arranges  all the family's shoes
Store Shoes Neatly
Child wipes feet when entering home
Wipe Your Feet

Show Respect in the Bathroom

Child flushes toilet
Flush Toilet
Child washes hands per parent's instructions
Wash Hands

Rinse Out Sink

Make the Living Room Livable

Child puts toys away
Put Away Toys
Kids books arranged neatly on shelf
Put Away Books
Clear Mom, Dad, and chldren's clutter
Clear Clutter
Child putting on slipper, keeps house cleaner
Wear Slippers

Photos by Christophe Chauchat

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