Why We Like Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller RN, BSN

Teaching parents to connect heart-to-heart with their children.

Authors of Parenting is Heart Work, Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids, Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids, and Home Improvement: 8 Tools for Effective Parenting.

What We Like
We like this team’s “heart” approach to parenting. They teach parents how to help their children want positive behavior. Yes. Their approach brings hope: a vision of a deep and reciprocal loving parent-child relationship, hope for positive resolution to conflict, a way out of anger and frustration and a defeated attitude (common to many parents).

As an added benefit to the heart approach, children learn to respond to parents without moms and dads having to repeat instructions 999 times or increase the volume by that many decibels.

Tried and Tested
Turansky and Miller’s insights are practical and effective. They have helped our family most recently in dealing with sibling fights. The heart approach taught us to identify negative thinking patterns in our sons (“I am weak if I give up fighting first”) and to coach our children in more constructive thinking (“I show my strength through self-control”). They still fight, but with less intensity and respond much more quickly when asked to stop.

Turansky and Miller bring a blend of professional, personal, and spiritual experience to their parenting tips. Dr. Scott Turansky, a family coach and pastor, is the father of five and now also a grandfather. He and his wife (an author and artist) recently celebrated 27 years of marriage. Joanne Miller (RN, BSN) is a pediatric nurse and mother of two boys as well as public speaker and author.

Spiritual Focus
Turansky and Miller describe parenting as a walk of faith, a partnership between parents and God. In the same light, children are a gift from God. They have a vision to help parents change the way they think about families through practical, biblical resources.

(Many of these principles are foundational to Western culture: the search for justice of our legal systems, the importance of integrity in business practices, the value of each individual—independent of gender or race—which underscores democratic elections…)

If you’re looking for a Zen life and quick fix parenting solutions, keep looking. For parents who seek to connect heart to heart with their children, are open to a spiritual perspective on family, and seek lasting change and hope in their homes, we highly recommend the Effective Parenting resources.

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