Frame of Fame: Homework Motivator

Boy showing off framed gradesIf a stubborn mule will move for a carrot rather than a stick, might your docile child get motivated through a treat called recognition?  If a picture paints a thousand words, then an action speaks one million.   My kids beam with self-confidence when we say, "Well done, son." through the Frame of Fame.of Fame. 

Learning is a child’s primary job. There are fun ways to learn (play) and more structured ways (school). Trying to get kids to complete schoolwork well and on time can feel like pulling donkey’s teeth: it’s tough; there are traces of combat; and progress is slow.

Frame Grades
Add a carrot to the stick when it comes to completing homework correctly and with good humor. Frame those grades and display them somewhere visible (not the children’s room).

BUY from USA Parent using dynamic frame Lil Davinci Art Cabinet 8.5" x 11"
or metallic frame from France

Who really wants to see your kids’ grades? More people than you might imagine, especially when current school performance is on exhibit.

The Right Kind of Frame
Clearly there is a product opportunity for a frame that enhances children’s efforts, matches the décor of your home, and requires less than 1 minute to change the featured item.

This Frame of Fame gathers the entire family around that one commendable accomplishment for an extended yet finite time period. Dynamic Frames caught the vision and created the Li'l DaVinci model.

Kids Care
Children revel in the pride of their parents. The fame of the Frame is a great motivator and encourager, especially to kids who thrive on words of affirmation

Affirming kids can be difficult for many parents; for every one thing worthy of praise there can be 10 tasks left undone! Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell remind moms and dads that parenting is not just a matter of doing what comes naturally. Parent-child relationships are strengthened when love is communicated in the child’s primary love language. That language could be words of praise and encouragement. (from The Five Love Languages of Children)

The Frame of Fame assures real, positive attention.

Visitors are Intrigued
Last Christmas, the extended family came to our house for the festive meal. One of our sons had excellent grades which were displayed in the Frame of Fame. Without prompting, the visiting family members were attracted to the Frame, took it down from the wall, and passed it around to ooh and ah over the framed report card.

For several subsequent dinner parties (ie. during his time of glory), he requested that I call attention to the Frame of Fame. Obviously those spontaneous compliments from “outsiders” carried extra value.

For shipments from France, try Ipsopresto. They have a metallic frame.

Keep it Current
It's easy to change. Just do it.

Photos by Christophe Chauchat

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