Cinderella Baleyette and Prince Dustbin: Clean Up Made Adorable

Children sweeping floor with Cinderella Brush and DustbinTransform horrific spills into a fairy tale frolic...and turn Mom or Dad into a smiling parent!  Cinderella and her prince charming put "yum" into "clean up."

Turn spills from a horror story into a fairy tale
Next time the kids make a mess, don’t get annoyed. Just pass them this too-cool-right-tool. Who wouldn’t get on his knees for a princess or look beautiful for a prince? Charming and effective, the Cinderella-Prince due by Pylones takes yuck out of clean up.

Discover these six ways the Cinderella Brush and Prince Dustpan enhance a home.

Wow the Class with Your Show and Tell
Upon receiving this gift, my four year old nephew wanted to show it off at school. “Honey, practice using it at home so that you can have more to tell at school.”

Teach Men and Boys They Are Needed At Home
On her own, Cinderella is sweet to look, but she really needs her prince to shine brightest.
- Cinderella and Prince are more effective together (Message for Males: single parenting is tough. Fathers and fathers-in-training are needed.)
- They generate more ooh’s and aah’s together (Message for Males: Married for __ years! Wow!)
- Cinderella fits right into Prince (Message for Males: Use your imagination...)
- He helps her look great by holding her up and out of the grime. (Message for Males: Gallantry goes a long way)
- Add your message to males. (Write in the comments section below)

Strengthen your Marriage
According to Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate) some people best perceive love through acts of kindness. Sweeping à la Cinderella might just be the way your spouse understands, “I love you!”

Please Mother-in-Law
It’s modern, so she feels young. It’s frivolous, so she feels fun. It’s handy, so she could use it (“Belle-Mama, it’s not for your spotless house but for when the grandchildren visit.”) It makes her feel like a princess!

Stimulate the Imagination
Let Cinderella and her prince inspire parents and kids to write their own tall story. Here’s ours:
“My LIFE” by Bess Mati Rice.
“…By the time I reached the plate, I was hot stuff. They served me a cool kid who knew how to play twirl-around-the-plate, fly-through-the-air, and hide-and-seek. I would have won the game, but a beautiful princess swept me off my feet!”

Pylones is based out of Paris. Access their website in English (click here) or in French (cliquez ici).

Photo by Christophe Chauchat

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