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Klutz Paper Airplanes Follow the whizzing paper airplane with merry measure. It’s got a message for you!  Enjoy this wacky way to affirm loved ones on a rainy day, a birthday, or even during family reunions...once the halls are decked.  'Tis a guarantee to be jolly.

Send loving messages via paper airplanes

Notice how parents (I’m one too) often compliment children’s physique. “Napoleon, aren’t you strong!” “Cleopatra, you look beautiful in that…outfit!” Behavior, however, seems easy to critique. “Elbows off the table.” “Be nice to Great-Great-Grandfather.”

Take the opportunity to send a compliment about a positive behaviour that you want to encourage. Dress up your missive as a paper airplane to highlight the exchange. Jot down a quick and kind message, fold and send it off.

Turn an “I want” into “I want to give”
One of the Christmas challenges is to encourage gratefulness. (Some of the kids' lists are so loooong!) Since airplane messages are as much fun to give as to receive, they're an easy way to teach the joy of giving.

Train with the pro’s
For the activity to take off, paper airplanes are a must. We love the Klutz tools. For the simpler to use and colourful array, choose their decorated planes (tiger look to flaming flyer and everything in between). Each printed sheet comes with the fold lines already drawn. Add a festive feel with messages written in gold or silver pen.

Team up younger and more experienced generations to build overall, yet manageable excitement. Set a time to write and fold the messages, then announce preparation for take-off. To make message-reception, clean-up, and keep-sake easier, clearly identify “To” on each plane.

Get inspired
Get launched with these loving missives or take off on your own.

- Thank you for saying, “Thank you.”
- I love when you help ________ (if you can’t find something, look harder).
- Your laugh makes me laugh.
- You give me a new way of seeing the world.
- When you keep me company while I _____, I feel loved.
- I’m proud of you.

Treasure the messages your children send you. They’ll encourage and inspire for years to come. The French company, Enfandises, even collects these “pearls” and diffuses them (on my children’s pyjamas and more…).

Keep Airplanes Handy
For those days when we feel like dropping a bomb, take it out on the airplane, not the child. Then recall your kiddo’s pearls (or if you lost them read some on Enfandises) to soothe the soul. There is a reason for the pain of parenting: the love gained. Parents, get your spirits soaring.

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1. On Thursday, December 15 2011, 17:03 by Debbie

I love the paper airplane idea! I'm in America and when I click on the Klutz airplane it takes me to a French Amazon site. Hopefully I can find it here in the US.

Great website!

2. On Saturday, December 17 2011, 18:28 by deniseD

Dear Debbie,

The airplanes come from Klutz.  You can find them on this link: Klutz Paper Airplanes, buy in US

and in France right here:  buy Klutz Paper Airplanes in France

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