Trim the Tree with Memories

Ornamental and easy Window Art creations make endearing memories for parents and kids.  Admire our memories on the tree. The younger boys made the stars, the older ones the trees.

Children today. Big people tomorrow.
It takes conscious effort to capture the fleeting moments of their childhood. Home-made holiday decorations seize this instant in kids’ lives.

We like Window Art (aka stain glass windows for kids). Without too much effort for either parents or children, kids create remarkable chef d’oeuvres. Window Art is a plastic-like paint that, once dry, can be stuck on (and removed from) windows.

Try making your artwork directly onto Plexiglas. The Window Art lasts longer (sticky hands don’t take/tear it off the glass) and windows are easier to clean (fewer sugar-coated fingers marks).

Supplies for Christmas Tree Decorations
- Plexiglas. (Available at hardware stores.).
- Drill
- Wire
- A design
- Window Art paint

Buy from USA

Window Art (Klutz)

Buy from France

Window Art (Klutz)

Choose the model
Feeling like a klutz when it comes to inspiration? That’s why we love the Klutz Window Art book. The Klutz team knows how to reveal the expert craftsperson in even the most unskilled. Their 100+ selection of enchanting and intriguing designs satisfy many a would-be artist.

Young children’s drawings also make great Window Art models. They are uncluttered and each color is distinct (easy to outline and fill in with Window Art paint). Use a holiday artwork your child brought home from school or have her draw one (on paper) to use as the model.

Cut the Plexiglass
Even better, get the hardware store to cut the Plexiglas for you. For the stars, we used 5cm (2”) squares. The trees are on 7cm x 12cm (3” x 5”) rectangles. Some stores won’t cut small pieces, so trim the support to the desired size with a metal ruler and the back side of the blade of an exacto knife. Drill a small hole to attach the wire.

Every Christmas season, we admire the Window Art nativity made by my nieces and nephew.

Trace the Lines
Window Art paint comes in two textures: the thicker outliner (black, gold, or silver) keeps the more fluid filler colors in place. As little hands often shake when trying to trace, parents may be welcomed assistants during this stage. Once the outline is complete, you’ve mastered the hardest part.

Swoosh on Color
Oops. Choosing the colors might be harder, the selection is so vast. Klutz even introduced glitter paint.
The color container acts as the “paint brush.” Simply turn over the paint bottle, squeeze and swoosh the color around. Clean-up friendly.

Let it Dry
Maybe this is the most difficult of all!

Add Wire & Admire!
Easy. We displayed several pieces together. It makes even the “missed”* projects look nice.

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