The Gift Kids Crave...the MOSTEST

T’was the day after Christmas, and all through the house,
You’d think no whimper they’d utter, playing quiet as a mouse.
The presents were all opened, (the wrapping they did tear)
In hopes that St. Nicholas would satisfy their deep care.

When out from the kids’ room there arose such a clatter
I woke up from my nap to see what was the matter
When, what to my exhausted ears should I seize
“Mommy, Daddy, will you play with me please?”

Parents, give your children your time

Let them spend it their way!

Gift Certificates for Girls

Gift Certificates for Boys

Build Intrigue

What is it? It looks and feels like a pretty package that is light as paper. It’s a gift certificate for play time!

Surely none of us judge a book by its cover, but we sure like presents to be pretty. That’s why we designed these cute gift certificates for girls and boys. Beautify your presentation even further with these elegant yet easy homemade boxes. (Click here for free templates from

Kids and Parents Learn Through Play

Supernanny reminds parents that through playing together, children learn how to overcome boredom, to follow rules, to win and lose well. Let kids direct the play (that’s your gift). You’ll discover them. You thought Beatrice was impatient? She spends ½ hour dressing and undressing a doll! That’ll stretch most adults’ patience.

Don’t Feel Like It

Doll dressing isn’t your cup of tea? Is homework theirs? Look to the bigger picture. My son told me, “Don’t be perfect. When you’re fun, you’re perfect for me.” It sure boosted my motivation to play together.

Kids might act like they don’t want to play with you. “Children often resist love when they need it the most,” assert Turansky and Miller. Be creative and kindly insistent. They might be testing the sincerity of your offer. Alternatively to play, consider admiring them for ½ hour. No words, no judgement, just trying to understand their environment.

Say “Thank You”

That magic word for all ages concludes your time together on a positive note.

The Biggest Kid of Them All

How about playing with your spouse......!  Discover more

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