French Loving for Couples

Robert Doisneau, the French photographer, captures the after marché "je ne sais quoi...Ooh la la!"

Men spell intimacy S-E-X.

Women spell it T-A-L-K.

It’s the N°2 love need (after unconditional love) for men and women according to Barbara and Gary Rosberg in the 5 Love Needs of Men & Women.

Be international lovers and, men, discover French ways to talk to your wives. Women, try out sexy French tips.

French Men’s Talk

- Pause to enjoy being together like a Parisian couple at a sidewalk café. It’s not a fancy date, rather a pause to appreciate the moment and the company. People watching encourages sharing about the things that fill our days. Information sharing prepares the way for deeper intimacy.

- Go to the marché. Our local market is as populated by men as it is by women. Some couples enjoy the market ritual together which turns a chore into an outing. Play it up and make it a sensual outing: note the fruit’s smooth, caressable skin, the fresh scents one desires to plunge the nose into to appreciate… Nature is wonder-filled and so is your wife.

- Be gallant. “After you…” with a smile of appreciation sounds like a song.

Sexy à la French Lady

- Apply perfume in the places you want to be kissed. The inside of the wrist is only the place to start. If you’d like to be kissed in bed, perfume those pillows too! Just doing it affects your mood.

- Wear something special: a pleasure-giving expression. It’s not the make-up or the outfit. It’s the eyes saying, “I am attractive and I enjoy your virility.” 

- Don’t wear something you might usually wear. You’ll walk and talk differently…and have him guessing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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