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The Organized Student by Donna Goldberg
The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond
For kids transitioning into middle school.

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The Organized Student

De-stress Learning
“When you take away the anxiety over non-academic issues, your child will be able to focus on learning,” says Donna Goldberg, founder of the Organized Student. Basic organizational capabilities de-stress students. When Jerome's grades plummet, do parents realize he spends 20 minutes looking for his work for every 10 minutes doing it?

Make Organization Easy
For school success, kids need sleep, supplies, and signatures (parental checking of the work). Set an evening routine to get these done. Our family uses a Power Pointer to say that Mom and Dad only sign parental notes and replace used glue sticks before bedtime. It’s our way to prepare the kids for easier learning come morning.

Help Kids Practice
Mastering the evening routine takes practice. Be of service to your kids by initiating the help. “Darling, can I sharpen pencils for you?” “Did you want me to sign some papers for you tonight?” Even our teenagers appreciate these kind reminders.

Have Fun !
Make your Power Pointers look fun! Print out the photos (click to download) and laminate the paper. Hang them up in a place where the kids regularly see them. Decorate the spot. We hung ours from frames and had fun decorating them with marbles, false eyelashes, glitter, and a lipstick smooch.

After all, fun evenings do end with a good-night kiss.

Photo by Christophe Chauchat.

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