Eggstra Ordinary Easter Tale

Egg by colorful egg, the Easter story unfolds. A dozen children's treasures to hunt and discover!

A donkey, a piece of white linen, three coins, and a strip of leather. What do they have in common? They’re clues to discovering the Easter story. It’s a riveting tale of cruelty, arrogance, self importance over-come by purpose, hope, mystery, and new life. The Easter story recounts the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Hidden Treasures
Make your storytelling lively with the Resurrection Eggs. Each of these brightly colored eggs holds a treasure inside: a clue to the Easter story. Kenny listens to the story better when he gets to move the donkey (the first egg’s treasure) along the road. Charlotte does too…she’s waiting for her turn to open the light pink egg (n°2).

Our Family Tradition
We’ve made it a family tradition. During the week proceeding Easter, the kids get to open one egg each per night and read the accompanying Bible verse. Parents can read the accompanying text to learn about life in Jesus’ time and how the verses are still relevant today. Our first year, I read them out loud word for word. Now, I select one point from the explanatory text and turn it into a question for family discussion.

My kids see the tradition differently. They hide the eggs, hunt them down, open them ALL to reveal all the clues, and recount the Easter story in their own words. Even clean up is a game when it means matching each symbol with the right colored egg!

Photo by Christophe Chauchat

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