Movie Review: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

First a best-selling book, then the entire Narnia Chronicles, and now a second time best-selling movie.

In the magical land of Narnia, it is always winter, but never Christmas. The beings (dwarfs, centaurs, unicorns…) live under the fear-inspired reign of the White Witch. Yet there is hope…

The Prophecy: The prophecy from the dawn of time proclaims that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve (humans) will overthrow the self-proclaimed Queen of Narnia. In walk the four Pevensie children (literally through a wardrobe) to join the mysterious Aslan and free Narnia from enslavement to the White Witch.

The Witch’s Prize = the Traitor’s Blood: All except for one follow Aslan. Edmund, having been entertained by the Queen on a previous visit, returns to the Witch with hopes for grandeur. Instead he experiences her meanness in full. Aslan orchestrates Edmund’s rescue, yet the White Witch demands her pay: Narnia’s magic gives her the blood of traitors. Edmund must die.

The Sacrifice: Aslan secures Edmund’s freedom by accepting to be sacrificed in his place. Come morning, the lion is majestically alive. The Witch didn't know Narnia’s deeper magic: “when a willing victim who has committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead… Death itself would start working backwards.”

Double the Fun: Talk About You
Try out these discussion topics:
- What if you and I were a type of Edmund Pevensie, just a smidgen self-centered? What if there is a price to pay for prideful behavior? What suffers from self-centeredness?  (Read Save Kids from Embarrassment)
- How might family members need to make sacrifices for each other?
- What is the deep magic (the guiding principles) in our family?
- Mom and Dad, you were kids one day and you knew the grandparents' family magic. Did you discover a deeper magic (love) when you became parents?  (Read Discover the Boy Behind Dad)

Multiply the Fun: Read the full Narnia Chronicles
My boys were riveted by entire series. We spent hours (during vacation mostly) snuggling up while I read the books out loud. Reading Narnia even diverted them from computer games. That’s a seal of quality!

Photos from the Disney movie.

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