Pentecost Guessing Game

Pentecost in African style by Jesus Mafa

African disciples of Jesus? Sure! This Cameroonian art by Jesus Mafa captures the wonder of intercultural Pentecost.

In 2008, Pentecost is on Sunday, May 11th. (In France, the following Monday is a holiday.) It’s the intercultural, Christian celebration par excellence. As an American in Paris, this holiday touches my soft spot.

My teenage son who groans at the hint of anything churchy, kept alert throughout this guessing game. Tell us what you think.

Test your international, interdenominational, intercultural know-how!
Brush up on your Bible trivia. Print out this page and get the whole family guessing. This is one wacky day whose events would spice up any family dinner conversation.

1. In what year was the first Pentecost? (1 answer)
a. 0
b. 13
c. 33
d. 325

2. Where did the first Pentecost take place? (1 answer)
a. Red Sea
b. Galilee
c. Jerusalem

3. How many apostles did Jesus have? (1 answer)
a. 11
b. 12
c. More than 400

4. What happened at Pentecost? (Several correct answers)
a. People had flames on their heads, but they did not get burned
b. A gale force like wind descended on one, and only one, building in the city centre
c. Uneducated people suddenly spoke fluently in foreign languages

5. What were the apostles accused of? (1 answer)
a. Drunkenness
b. Witchcraft
c. Delirium

6. Peter spoke up for the apostles and said: (Several correct answers)
a. You killed Jesus.
b. We’re not drunk; it’s only 9 o’clock in the morning.
c. God’s power raised Jesus from the dead.
d. Jesus’ death is part of a well thought out plan of God
e. God only speaks in secret languages.

7. How did the crowd respond? (1 answer)
a. “What shall we do?”
b. “Crucify them too!”
c. “They really are drunk.”

The answers are just a click away (here)!

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