Pentecost Guessing Game Answers

African Mary and baby Jesus painted for MafaJesus In France, May is a month with days off. May is is Labor Day. May 8 is Armistice Day. And Pentecost (50 days after Easte) usually falls in May. Most French understand work and war, but what is Pentecost?

Pentecost is the intercultural, Christian celebration par excellence. It is wonder-filled (i.e. "wild & freaky" in today's verbage).  It's culturally diverse, which is why we're featuring art from Jesus Mafa, which depicts Christ as African. Thought-provoking, n'est ce pas?

Test your international, interdenominational, intercultural know-how!
Take the guessing game first. Click here for the questions only and print for a fun family guessing game (my teenage son who groans at the hint of anything churchy, stayed interested throughout).

Pentecost Guessing Game Answers

1. In what year was the first Pentecost? (1 answer)

The first Pentecost occurred 50 (thus "pente") days after Jesus was raised from the dead, and Jesus died at age 33.

Titbits for the curious:
Year 0 marks the transition from B.C. (before Christ) to A.D. (anno Domini, the year of the Lord's birth). In year 13, Jesus became an adolescent. Having two teens at home, I marvel that Jesus could be holy and have been an adolescent! In 325 A.D. 318 bishops gathered in Nicea and agreed upon the Nicene Creed, the most widely accepted summary statement of the Christian faith.

The initial 12 disciples gathered with Jesus for a last supper.
2. Where did the first Pentecost take place? (1 answer)

The first Pentecost occurred in Jerusalem. The risen Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem to receive the promised Holy Spirit.

Titbits for the curious:
Most of the disciples were fishermen from Galilee, a small, country province of Israel. The Red Sea is where Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. That’s the another story—Passover and the basis for Easter! (Acts 2:5)

3. How many apostles did Jesus have? (1 answer)

Jesus had hundreds of disciples (followers) but only 12 men he assigned the specific role as apostle. One of them, Judas, betrayed Jesus to the Jewish authorities who judged him guilty (they had difficulty finding a cause) and took him to the Romans to have him crucified. Judas then killed himself which left 11 apostles. But while the disciples were waiting for the promised Holy Spirit in Jerusalem, they elected another apostle to replace Judas. (Acts 2:14)

Pentecost in African style by Jesus Mafa
Their love afire (literally) for Christ, the uneducated disciples suddenly spoke fluently about Jesus in foreign languages.

4. What happened at Pentecost? (Several correct answers)

A, B, C:
Pentecost was one freaky day.

Titbits for the curious:
The Holy Spirit came to the disciples with NOISE and settled on them like tongues of fire. The ruckus attracted people from all over town to the house where the disciples were gathered. At that time, there were many Jews visiting Jerusalem from foreign lands (today’s Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece…). They had come to celebrate Passover just weeks earlier (travel by donkey or by foot was tough, so people stayed in town for a while). These Jews heard in their mother tongue that Jesus Christ saves from sin. Even these country bumpkin fishermen were amazed that they could speak these foreign languages. The Bible ascribes this wonder to the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2)

5. What were the apostles accused of? (1 answer)

The crowd did not know how to interpret these wacky signs. Nobody knew about the Holy Spirit before. Onlookers joked that the apostles were drunk. (Acts 2:13)

Over 3000 people were baptized on Pentecost.

6. Peter spoke up for the apostles and said: (Several correct answers)

A, B, C, D:
At Pentecost, God showed that he is international and languages by enabling people to learn about his love for them in their own mother tongue.

Titbits for the curious:
Peter took the floor on behalf of the followers of Jesus. First, he assured the crowd that at this hour of the morning, the apostles were quite sober. Then, using passages from the Old Testament, he explained how Jesus’ death and resurrection had been predicted. Although Jesus died at the hands of the Roman soldiers, it was really because of sin (the audience…including you and I). God’s plan was to provide a way for our sins to be forgiven. Jesus—who lived a perfect life even during his adolescent years—died to save us from our sins. God, also called the Almighty, showed his power by raising Jesus from the dead.

7. How did the crowd respond? (1 answer)
3000 people that day understood this message and asked, “What shall we do?” They were told, “Change your life. Turn to God and be baptized, each of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, so your sins are forgiven.” (Acts 2:37-8)

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