Mom, your present is...ME !

“Honey, shall we rent the kids?” Some days we need a new perspective…Read on to find it.

One Mother’s Day, having graciously admired the home made vase (out of paper!), I shared with my kids how each of them was a gift to me. The boys sure listened carefully, but I think I gained the most.

My Kids, My Gifts
1. Our eldest introduced me to the emotions of motherhood, the high's and low's. He taught me a new dimension of love which has transformed my life.

2. Our second, often very challenging, stimulates my creativity. Without him I would not have felt the need to explore innovative ways to communicate, various modes of expressing love, tools to be firm without being mean... This site is very much thanks to him.

3. Our third encourages me in the ways of peacefulness. He learned about equilibrium early on: an older brother was always rushing by. He was jiggled on the right then on the left. Survival = learn to balance. When I loose my cool, he helps me find it.

4. Our last child discovers the humorous angle to every situation. He’s a regular source of laughter. Come to think of it, hiding while Mom is trying to get everyone out the door has a funny side. So does wearing clothes backwards (how does he get the pants on?!)

Step Back to See Better
Everyday life can be so engrossing that we don’t step back to observe our children's uniqueness. Two books have helped me gain this perspective:
- Kevin Leman’s The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are stimulated me to think in terms of influence factors. Our oldest learned from adults; the second one followed the lead of a 20 month old. No wonder their first words were different: “Ball” and “duck” vs. “four four” (4 x 4 BIG vehicles) and “mine!”
- The children’s book I Love You the Purplest relates how a mother describes her unique love to each of her rivalling boys. They needed to know. Mine and yours do too.

Just Do It
As I sat down for that Mother’s Day meal, I doubt my thoughts were crystal clear. The words flowed (only one or two sentences per kid) when I looked and spoke directly to my child.

Just do it. Create the moment: Mother’s Day, report card time, a birthday, or tonight!

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1. On Wednesday, November 12 2008, 02:32 by Marie G

First of all, what a loving way to celebrate Mother's day, by communicating to your children (that's why you are called Mom, Ma, Mommy or Mother) that you do indeed love them, how you love them, why you love them, and what impact they have made on your life. Thank you so much for sharing this poignant gem.

Its such a lovely idea, I am going to make it a point to follow your lead for birthday celebrations, Father's Day, Mother's day etc.

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