Success Motivator: The Futuristic Self-Portrait

Help kids project themselves into the future...and understand that parents' feedback helps children develop into the people they aspire to be.  Consider this a vision-giving tool:  kids see themselves in a positive light, and parents look good when they correct!

Does What Parents Say = What Kids Hear?
Contrary to some of our children’s beliefs, parents can act in a rational manner. We insist on “mean” stuff (like doing homework well) because we see it as important to our child’s future. Yet, some kids still compare homework time to forced labor. “You’re so mean. You’r askin me to re-write this paragraf! It’s lejible. Just because u kan’t read it…”

It’s no fun giving or hearing correction after critique, and it hardly contributes to anyone’s positive self image. In Parenting is Heart Work, Turansky and Miller point out that some of our kids’ frustrating behaviours stem from incorrect and negative thoughts. “My parents think I’m a loser.” “Work is unpleasant.” Our job as Mom and Dad coaches is to help the children recognize and then replace these inhibiting preconceptions.

Girl thinking of her future 10 years from nowRight Tools Make Work Easy
We developed the Futuristic Self-Portrait to get kids talking easily about their preconceived ideas (they are often private and unconscious). The amusing questions help children project themselves 10 years ahead, and in so doing specify some of their assumptions.

This technique was defining for me in developing Home is Fun. After a jaunt of stay-home-mothering, I was invited to a professional women’s networking session. I refused to see myself as a professional has been, so I turned to imagining my life 10 years ahead. Three of my boys would be legal adults! Ah, AHHHH!

The Futurist Self-Portrait
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Invite your child to grasp that “ah, ah!” sensation. Guide him through the Futuristic Self-Portrait's questions (takes 5 minutes) and encourage your kids to think big yet concretely about their future. As they express how they want to be viewed by their future employer, teacher, friends, they’re giving you clues for productive discipline.

“Darling, you want your friends to admire your clothes. That’s going to cost money which you’ll have to earn. Today, when I ask you to do your homework well, it’s to prepare you to get a job that will finance one hot wardrobe.”

Remember It
File it away. Guaranteed to bring a chuckle 10 years from now!

From the Vision to the Practice
The Futuristic Self-Portrait invited our son to express a positive view of himself. We still needed a revolution in attitude and behaviour to get the grades up. Click here to read about our Entrepreneurial Finance inspired action plan.

Joline Godfrey, CEO of Independent Means, further encourages young teens to draw-up a sample lifestyle budget. In Raising Financially Fit Kids, you’ll find a great guide and a heap of pointers for parents and youth to envision their life in an entry-level position and 10 years up the road. It’s eye-opening for kids as they relate income and expenses. And for those who don’t know what jobs exist, Godfrey gets their imagination rolling: from archaeologist to vineyard manager to the Mars project manager. The sky universe is the limit.

Click here to download The Futuristic Self-Portrait for Boys or for Girls

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