Friendship Bracelets by Klutz

Friendship Bracelets by Klutz by Laura Torres
It’s a feel good activity ‘coz it’s a visible reminder of love. The Klutz book's vibrant photos get boys and girls excited about friendship bracelets.

Friendship bracelets are a great project to pass the time during those hectic last minutes when dinner's cooking. The Klutz kit gives easy and clear instructions and keeps materials all together to make clean up quick and effective. Either make them in one sitting (about 10 minutes) or keep them handy to work on little by little.

Buy from Home Is FunTry these also during birthday parties. Let the kids make their own with-it and warm-fuzzy party favour. Passes the time and each kid leaves feeling special…which they are!

We used these to encourage kids when life is difficult.  Read on...

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1. On Monday, January 12 2009, 12:21 by Denise

We left the Klutz book open on the table.  The pictures made the bracelets so attractive looking that our four boys came to us asking for a specific bracelet.  Klutz did the "seeling" for us.

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