Create Your Crepe-Making Party

Turn French National Crepe Day into the pirme occasion for a teeny party. Read on to discover the Chandeleur and download your invitation. This article is written as a sequel to Teeny Party . Click here for our smooth sailing party tips. 

Download our free invitation and add your personalized touch. Laugh with the poem which explains the theme. Click on the invitation on the right for a larger image.

The InvitationThe Recipe: Kids’ Play

Your kids play inventively too? That’s why we cook crazily. We shake up eggs instead of beating and make landscapes out of flour and milk. Our recipe is outright entertaining. The kids love making the crepes just as they revel in eating them.  Click here for the recipe.

All the activity is in the kitchen. Any bloopers stay in the kitchen too. Spilled milk? Not too big a deal.

Adult Entertainment (clean—pun intended)

When another adult joins in with the activity, the dynamics change. A team of adults frees them to listen to the kids and be creative. It’s a LOT more enticing to make chocolate crepes when Mrs. Sue is available to wash hands before the walls get fingerprinted…and even better when Mr. Steve takes the photos!

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1. On Friday, February 6 2009, 10:39 by Denise

We held our Crepe-making party yesterday. We ate crepes and discovered intriguing Bible titbits about the Chandeleur:

- They had a maternity leave in those days! After childbirth, the mother was accorded time of retreat. After the 8 day-old baby boys’ circumcision, mothers had 33 days before fully reintegrating into the community. That’s why Chandeleur is on February 2. Moms who gave birth to girls had double time off! (1)
- Note the male—female parity. At the temple, the babe Jesus was recognized by two people: Simeon and Anna. (Not 5 Important Men....and oh-and-let’s-not-forget-that-sweet-lady's-words.) (2)
- It’s scary being a mother. Learning about myself and my sons is hard enough for me. But here’s what Simeon told Mary (Jesus’ mother): “This child marks both the failure and the recovery of many in Israel (in Paris, in the US…?), a figure misunderstood and contradicted—the pain of a sword-thrust through you—but the rejection will force honesty, as God reveals who they really are.” (2) Ouch.

This passage ends "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." That's what I pray for my sons. (3)

(1) Leviticus 12:1-16 (2) Luke 2: 34-35 (3) Luke 2: 40

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