Teeny Parties: Turn Bad Situations into Great Times

What? No school tomorrow! Turn a sticky situation into a great time with a teeny party...and the chance to know your kid and his friends better.  I didn't know mine loved science experiments so much!  Invite adults too...it's social for all and easier too.  Who laughs more:  the youngsters or the parents?  Up to you to find out!

You’re Kidding? No Time or Energy!
Why bother having kids over when we have such limited family time? I do it to learn about my kids and to know their friends. (Read more) These events teach me how to help my kids grow. “My friends won’t play with me” No wonder, he’s bossy. I learned it at a teeny tiny party, and the next one we’ll practice taking turns. “It’s impossible. I tried it once and it doesn’t work.” Try the Chandeleur Teeny Party theme. Discover new ways to scramble eggs and stimulate the imagination roll when it comes to how to eat them!

Teeny Parties
“Play dates” might be the official term, but “party” carries more cache. Contrast these teeny ones with an extravagant birthday event. For tiny parties
- Keep it intimate. One friend is plenty. Four may be too many.
- Planning is minimal. Try one of our “Have Fun” ideas. Aim for at least one moment of adult-child interaction, and then it’s free play.
- Invite adults too. Parents and grandparents make it more fun for you and more families will cherish the memory.

Wise Words From Party Pro’s
We follow these practical tips from Linda Hertzer's 50 Fabulous Parites fro Kids
“Send written invitations. Kids love mail. Paper trace for busy parents.”
“Choose a party theme that incorporates the ways in which your child plays with his or her friends.”
“Make sure there’s enough adult supervision and limit the party to a specific area of your house.”

The Best Time
The worst times are our best moments. When there’s a strike day (in France) or a snow day and school will be closed. When illness (cancer) strikes in a friend’s home, consider it an opportunity to slow down, invite one of their kids over, and take on a child’s rhythm. Teeny parties help us turn a bad situation into a good time. Occasionally, we do manage to plan ahead just for fun!

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1. On Tuesday, March 24 2009, 15:37 by Denise

Another Anglo friend living in Paris guessed the occasion: school strike! It works just as well for snow days or even planned times. We began these parties when a Korean family came to town. One of my sons came home stating, "Kee Yoon cried all morning." No fun for anyone. So he and his mom and one other parent-child team came over several afternoons over the next few weeks. We did fun stuff together (Moms said, "I haven't painted in ages!") and NewGuyInTown soon became FunToHaveAround. Two years later they elected him class rep!

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