Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience

by Raymonde Carroll
Raymonde Carroll presents an intriguing and entertaining analysis of the many ways French and Americans—and indeed any members of different cultures—can misinterpret each other, even when ostensibly speaking the same language. Cultural misunderstandings can arise even where we least expect them—in our closest relationships. (That’s why we received this book as a wedding gift!)

The revealing vignettes sensitize the readers to fundamental differences in French and American presuppositions about love, friendship, and raising children, as well as using the telephone or asking for information.

Cultural Misunderstandings is NOT the absolute guide to why the French or Americans are weird. It is an effective tool to develop awareness of cultural differences and to replace annoyance (“Why is she so ______?!”) with understanding (“Could that behavior stem from a cultural difference?”)

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En français : Evidences Invisibles: Américains et Français au quotidien
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