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Everything I needed to know about parenting teens, I learned at the Harvard Business School.

I'm only kind of kidding. Let's start with strategy & action plan...

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Lessons from HBS Entrepreneurial Finance

Our professor drummed into us, “Maximize the chances that what can go right goes right, and minimize the risk that what can go wrong goes wrong.” We parents give our kids correction to increase the chances that things go right.

Who wants to hire a smelly, sloppy, smart aleck? Viewed from this perspective, parental discipline is a key success factor!

It’s a Party!  Get Your Invitation

On Friday, June 12 we’re holding a workshop in Paris to help teens and parents work together positively! Teens choose an adult coach (not their parent) to go through a goal-setting exercise AND then develop an action plan to reach those goals. As they develop their steps to success, the teens perceive areas where it (just might) makes sense to have parental encouragement or “redirection”.

Parents—who are coaching other youngsters—get to learn what’s on the mind and heart of today’s teens.

Boy projects hmself in 10 years time. FREE Download

Prescreen the goal-setting and action plan worksheet.  Click here.

Yeah! A Win-Win Solution

It’s worked chez nous and you’ll hear from other families who’ve tried it too. Per my son, “It helped, Mom. Before, I used to not care about grades. Now I do.”

Getting schoolwork completed correctly is another matter… Now we’re talkin’ and with words that are meaningful to him: “Mr. Future Best-Dressed, how are you coming along with those grades that will help you get that great job that will finance your hot wardrobe?” “Oh, yeah. Right (!!!) Mom.”

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