Feel-Appreciated Tip 101

You’re right. Being a parent is a thankless job. Your cleaning up the children's sticky  mess...again? Your ears drum from the kids’ rowdy noise? Oooh, smell that fart! And yet, there is so much for which to be thankful. At least you can taste, touch, hear, and smell!

My mother (the one who wiped my rear, tears, and runny nose innumerable times without many thanks) shared Mary Oliver’s poem with our family. She had us talk it over during dinner. Rather, she invited us to pause and marvel with each of our senses.

When I let myself feel unappreciated, it's as if I were rewriting the poem:

Instructions for pitying self:
Focus on me.
Take others for granted.
Tell about it.

Amazingly, no one wants to hear! I even bore myself.

Living wonder-filled makes me feel wonder-full.

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Inspired by the children’s book Voices in the Park which describes the same outing to the park from four totally different perspectives, we presented Mary Oliver’s poem in diverse ways.  We hope it further encourages lively discussions.

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