Movie Review: LOL (Laughing out loud)

My dear sons,

I just saw the movie  LOL (Laughing out loud) and since it’s about the generation gap, I naturally thought about you.  So, I'm writing you this letter...

Smart People Can See Things Differently
First of all, yes, I can understand that we see the same situation very differently. Did you also notice the many decisions made with incomplete information (often necessary) and little effort to try and get a fuller picture (too bad)?

We’re talking all kinds of decisions from the conclusions Lola’s mom took upon discovering her daughter’s diary to the conclusions Lol jumped to about her boyfriend. Who benefited? You tell me!

There were lovely moments of intimacy between Lol and her mom…once they had reached out to try and understand, and even appreciate, each other. I hope to enjoy such moments of connection with you.

Do We Make the Book Fit the Cover?
Did you notice how most of the parents were ugly? The only attractive adults were Lol’s mom, dad and Lucas, the cop. The parent actors were purposefully cast to look plain, unattractive, and definitely sexless. Do you see us parents that way?

LOL (laughing out loud) ® sur CineMovies.frWhat do you think of the hairdos? Weird and unruly…like what the parents think of their teens!

Think again. We are made in the same genetic and spiritual mold. If you are an amazing creation—which I believe with all my heart—then guess what, we are too!

You have to admit, some of those kids were downright obnoxious in class. There was a scene in English class where Maël asked a question whose purpose was
- to bring attention to himself and
- to embarrass the teacher.
I have heard from your teachers that one of you acts this way.

Stephane also made rude comments in class. She showed leadership…in being aggressive. I have read similar comments on one of your report cards.

Did you notice that Lola, Charlotte, Arthur, and Pierre-Henri were still cool without instigating rudeness? It’s possible. You can do it.

LOL (laughing out loud) ® sur CineMovies.frHindsight Has 20-20 Vision
That brings me to my last point: wisdom requires perspective. If your life were to last for only one school year, then many of the kids decisions were reasonable. It so happens that most of you will live 60+ more years if not for eternity.

Both parents and kids know there will be good and bad times in life. You youth know it in your minds. We mom’s and dad’s know it in our wrinkles. They came from our many moments of laughter and through our numerous times of concern.

Lol said, “I can’t think about history homework when I’m missing Maël so badly.” It’s like the world should stop until your feelings (and hormones) are back in shape. And yet, it’s like the world should continue for your feelings. You can stop working at school, but I must continue to fill the fridge!

In those moments, I want to tell you, “Chill out. Get perspective. This will pass.” O.K. Sometimes it can sound like “GO TO YOUR ROOM!” Have you noticed I've chilled out since I've been working on this site?!

Know that I love you,


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