Give Dad a Lamborghini for Father’s Day !

Boy making Father's Day Lamborghini Coloring cardWhy settle for less?! Dad drives kids to dream big and steers them on the right path. Now we’re cruisin’… LetMeColor made it easy (and less expensive) with these current and vintage models.

“Dad, it’s a rush cruisin’ with you!”
Thank Dad with flair. It’s easy as a click with Frank de Kleine’s LetMeColor Coloring Book. He has 17 models of truly funky wheels to drive kids (and mom’s) to the coloring palate.

Lamborghini LetMeColor Father's Day cardDraw with Lamborghini Style: the High Imagination Coloring Toolkit
Join the Lamborghini design team and decorate with imagination. Forget conventional car shades. Color your Lamborghini in “Diabolo Rosso,” “Super Fly Yellow,” “Impact White,” “Blue Spark Metallic,” or “Verde Aries!” and try these tools:

- Klutz’s Crayon Rubbings —Those tires need to grip the road for speed. We found the texture we needed for the wheels in Klutz's Crayon Rubbings bumpity coloring book. Place the paper on the molded rubbing plate, rub the crayon over the paper, and voila the pattern appears.
- Glitter Glue —Make that metallic shine! We used it for paint highlighting effects and for the flames…
- Metallic Brush Pens —Let the chrome shine with the stroke of the silver pen. Turn on the headlights with a touch of gold. If your daughter’s favorite colors are “Doré & Argenté” (silver and gold), these are handy to keep around.
- Googly Eyes —Sometimes Dad drives you crazy? Googly-eyes do too. Klutz’s Googly Eyes book, googly eyes: making funny faces, gives you just the right size eyes to fit into the headlights…and plenty of hilarious ideas for great laughs.
- Photos—Dad drove you to dream big? Then put a picture of you in the car, even better, of you AND Dad!
- Lipstick—Stake your territory. Leave your mark. See what I mean…
- The Basics—Mix magic markers, crayons, and pencils. It’s practical too. Lost the red pencil? Pushing down hard on a ruby crayon makes one great “Diabolo Rosso.”

Of course you can use this toolkit for other drawing projects!

Say “I Love You” à la Lamborghini
Drive home the loving message in style. Write it on the license plate. Use vehicular vocabulary:
“Dad, you drive me to dream big.” “I know you love me; you flash your headlights and honk when I do well!” “When I’m cruisin’ for a bruisin’, you know how to hit the brakes. Thanks for keeping me out of trouble.” (Oops, maybe your kids are perfect…!)

Go for a Draw Together
My boys thought they were past the coloring book age…until they opened the High Imagination Coloring Tool Kit. We even got a friend hooked!

Draw a Lamborghini yourself! When the boys saw this one (click here), they easily parked long enough to design their own Lamborghini for Father’s Day.

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