Hot Daddy

Hot Daddy from LetMeColor Lamborghini Coloring Book"Honey, I LOOOOVE your fathering those kids." 

Back in the youth of our marriage, I wanted to “help” my husband become a “good father.” My action plan: behaviour modification. Mistake!

Every day I would compliment him on a way he acted “well.”

The process changed me.

I had been blind to the many ways he was already contributing to the family. I’ve learned to concentrate on enjoying him. We will both evolve as needed…with more pleasure, laughter, and probably speed as we appreciate each other just as we are.

After all, I did fall in love with him, sure had fun making those kids...and still have the HOTS 4 U!

To the father of my kids, Happy Day!

P.S. Click here for our snazzy drawing tips.

P.P.S. Thanks, Frank de Kleine, for your Lamborghini Coloring Book. This picture just zoomed out of the page for me and let my feelings roll!

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1. On Sunday, June 14 2009, 23:16 by Frank

Hi Denise, I like your Lamborghini Silhouette a lot. Especially the lipstick on the hood :-0


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