De-clutter Kids’ Room Floor: Tip 102 Get Into the Habit

(This article is a sequel to Tip 101)

Leaving a room messy is a habit. Habits can be changed…with planning, consistency, and even fun. Include a clothes-putting-away-time into the daily schedule. Does laundry get folded when the little ones are asleep? Give them a cute daily reminder to put it away the following morningl.

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Buld a Took Kit

1. To build a house, one uses many tools. To build habits, arm yourself with multiple child-teaching tips.

2. Help them see the lifetime benefits of clean(ish) rooms:
- Parents prefer coming into the room
- Boyfriends and girlfriends find it more seducing
- Clutter takes away romance from the marital bedroom
- Bosses and colleagues find logical filing systems more reassuring…

3. Tell them once… and expect to repeat it.  Turansky and Miller (authors of Goodbye to Whining in You and Your Kids) remind us that children learn through repetition. The more creative parents can be with the ways we repeat our teaching, the more effective and fun it will be for everyone.

4. Use your voice and other senses too.  That's where the fun comes in.

Perfect with Pictures

Many people—especially males—are visual learners; they need to see to believe. That’s why we developed Power Pointers: to give children instructions with pictures as well as with words (a.k.a. to give parents marketing material to sell tantalizing concepts such as “clean your room”).

In our home, laundry gets folded in the evenings while our precious ones are in bed. We use “Good Morning” Power Pointer to remind little tykes to put piles of clothes away in the morning EVERY day. Putting clothes in the drawers is part of the daily schedule. We have our Power Pointers hanging in the hallway, on the way to the kitchen, so the kids see it several times day. 

Download our “Good Morning” Power Pointer, print it onto photo paper (or laminate it), and post it in a place they can see. Find out how Power Pointers worked for other families (click).

Power Pointers Work for Bigger Kids Too

For our older our kids, we’re making new Power Pointers:
- “Work before Play.” Clean rooms are a prerequisite to computer time.
- “To see your friends, I need to see your floor!”
We’ll let you know when they’re posted on the site!

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 Power Pointers ‘cause I got what it takes.

 images from our Photo Library ‘cause I’m a Home Is Fun FAN and I'm ready to design my own Power Pointer.

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