Kids' Clutter Clear 101: Clothes off the floor!

Some of my kids decorate the floor of their room with clothes. It's frustrating, especially when the clothes are (were) clean!  What to do about the clothes on the floor?

I give each child a pile of clean clothes and clear instructions: “Honey, put your shirts with your shirts, and your socks with your socks.” Closer inspection reveals that shirts and socks are in every drawer! No wonder they can’t find that favorite T-shirt…and not surprising that they no longer get to the drawers.

Read on or download our Cool Tool now.

Give Stray Clothes a Welcoming Home
For this dilemna, there are happily easy-to-fix solutions.  Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing from the Inside Out, reminds us of the obvious (yet many of us forgot them) repairs for common technical blips such as:
- Items have no home (I’ll leave it here for now)
- Confusing organization systems (socks in every drawer)
- Boring organization (hummm)

Label your drawers, Morgenstern recommended. How boring thought I…until faced with my floor cluttering expert. If you have one too, download our colorful, all-language, clothes labels and coach him, “Honey, ALL of your shirts go together here by the shirt sticker, ALL of your….” (Click here to download)

We printed these onto photo quality paper so that the labels look neat for several weeks. (Laminate the labels to keep them looking nice even longer.)  Let your child paste them onto the dresser drawers with putty.

In sight = In mind reminds Morgenstern.

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1. On Wednesday, September 16 2009, 17:53 by Denise

I put these up while my son was at camp. He was delighted with them. "Thanks mom!" which was more than expected. Now, several months later, the clothes are staying in the drawers.

2. On Sunday, December 4 2011, 03:23 by ames

thats good to clean up

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