‘Fess Up When You Mess Up

Mom admitting mistakeThe truth is that parents sometimes mess up (rarely). Do you tell your kids too that it’s OK to make mistakes, just admit it, learn from it, and move on? Do you do it too?

The kids are always watching.

Parents on Stage

I learned firsthand that moms and dads are perpetually on stage when, during an argument (yes) with my eldest son, the three other children lined up to observe the “show.” They even took a movie of our animated discussion!

Children are eyeing parents and learning from you and me how to handle failure. Defensiveness or humility? Continued tension or freedom to be imperfect yet loved?

Perseverance Heroes

Thank you, Thomas Edison, for having tried over 1 000 times to get the light bulb right. Without those 999 bloopers, we could still be in the dark.

Thank you also to the children of "Parents Addicted to Perfection Anonymous."  (Spells PAPA, but in our family it should read MAMA!)  You sure deal with a handful yet stay loving.

After one particularly blooper-filled day spent doing adventures with the kids, one son blew me away with his insight: “Mom, today you stopped being ‘Perfect Mom.’ You were a great mom!”

Common Home Mess Ups

Oops, I Forgot!
With our busy lives, it’s all too easy to forget things. Eventually, the buck stops with the parents. It's Mamamia who's responsible to buy the present when Giovanni goes to a birthday party. The dentist blames Suzette’s parents if she misses her appointment, albeit set months ago.

Admit it and do something about it. For starters, read Be Present And On Time For Every Important Event

Oops, I Lost It!
Stay tuned. In January, we’ll be writing about an easy peezy filing system for those important papers that don’t really have a home. Discover it first. Sign-up for the Home Is Fun newsletter.

Note: Reserved for the club of imperfect parents who admit they need help.


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