Go on a Rendez-Vous

Father daughter dateTake time one on one with your child. They'll feel loved…and so will you.

Rendez-Vous is the French word for appointment. It’s a one-on-one time between one parent and one child.

Here's the story of the day we were transformed by Rendez-Vous's.  Before then, they had been a good concept.  After then, they became a vitally great moment!

Our (Your?) Story

One child repeatedly tantalized the others, and we parents spent our time resolving fights. Fed up, I took our son to his room, closed the door (privacy so he and I could keep “face”), and asked, “What is wrong?”

“Maybe I need a Rendez-Vous,” he whimpered.

I put my list of “Very Important To Do’s” aside and we played. The tension diffused. After our game-time we both emerged from his room with grins on our faces.

Kids AND Parents Need Rendez-Vous’s

The Rendez-Vous changes Mom and Dad too. They teach us to slow down and reassess priorities. The Very Important To Do’s will be around tomorrow (unfortunately).

The really important thing is to wake up to family intimacy tomorrow too.

Rendez-Vous's with Dad

There is something special about a special time with Dad.  It feels more like a date or a unique event than it does with Mom. Give it a try too.  My kids also love their Rendez-Vous' with Grandpa.  "Can I have the first one?"

The Gift that Each Child Craves

Every kid wants Mom and Dad's undivided attention. It's the biggest gift they desire, yet it does not make the Christmas list. That's why we made these gift certificates for one-on-one time. Even our pre-teen and teen still appreciate them.

- Learn from families who tried the Gift Certificates or
- Download the Gift Certificates directly

Time Flies So Have Fun

The kids are grown before we know it. Soooooo many people say it...because it's true and we are all caught by surprise. Take the time now. It won't come back.


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1. On Sunday, December 6 2009, 22:14 by Denise

Today has been a tough day. I had enough of telling my kids the same thing OVER and OVER again. At lunch we hardly spoke...my bad mood was becoming contagious. And to make matters worse, I knew I had to be writing something about LOVE today for the Parents' Advent Calendar. I had to do something to get out of my own unloving state.

So, I thought of the Rendez-Vous. One of the boys and I PLAYED cards. Just the two of us. No thinking about his messy room, the unwritten article, the others that were fussing.

The Rendez Vous was the gift for me when I had trouble wanting to be loving.

2. On Sunday, December 6 2009, 22:15 by Denise

Love means focusing on someone else rather than myself.

3. On Monday, December 7 2009, 13:58 by Carissa

Hey Denise,
Thanks for this blog entry. Your site is really neat! Even though I'm not a parent, I, too, need to grow in "loving" others in the way they need. I think the "rendez-vous" idea is great. This can apply to single people, too. Spending quality time in a rdv with a parent, or with a good friend, or with a sibling. It's making time to have quality time that counts.

See you later!


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