Play with a Deck of Fun Memories

Mom and sons playing cardsParents' Advent: December 15

Personalize a deck of cards with a photo taken during a family outing. These make wonderful stocking stuffers and even better reminders that your family has fun together.

Hold Onto Joy

Remember the last time you went on a family outing? Getting out the door wiped you out too? “Do we HAVE to go?” “I don’t like _____.” “Promise we won’t stay more than 15 minutes(!!!)”

Once everyone is out the door, the fun usually begins. Firmly grasp onto that joy. It’ll help you want to keep loving your kids despite (we each have our personalized list)…

Play a Hand with Joy

We’re always looking out for new ways to recall happy moments. Personalized playing cards are this year’s nouveauté. The concept is simple. Instead of having a standard red or blue pattern on the back of your deck of cards, there is a photo of your smiling loved one enjoying a memorable outing with Mom or Dad.

With these cards, you’ll even catch your son and daughter sharing positive memories with their friends. “Let’s play cards with MY deck. That’s when we…” and Precious—having forgotten about the tantrum she raised before going out the door—raves about the time you….

How To

Click here for a site in France to personalize the kings, queens, and jacks.  Try this vendor (click here) for an option in the US.  Enjoy!

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1. On Tuesday, December 15 2009, 12:08 by Denise

We just received ours in the mail. They are this year's stocking stuffers. I'm excited because I think they will be too!!!

2. On Friday, December 18 2009, 03:35 by Suzie

Personalized playing cards! A fabulous idea.

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