Make a No-Cook Gingerbread Man

Parents' Advent: December 16

Those adorable ginger people welcome in the festive feelings: warmth & spice, smiles & rejoicing, hearth & home… Too bad it’s so complicated to make before the BIG fun of decorating begins. That’s why this short-cut brings out the best in kids’ ginger-fashion design talents without having to mix, cool, roll, and bake the dough.


Use pound cake. It’s a firm yet soft texture that cuts well with cookie cutters. Slice ½ inch (1-2 cm) pieces of pound cake. Who said we should slice a cake crosswise?! Be creative. If you have large cookie molds, opt to cut long and wide slabs the entire length of the cake (remove the rounded top of the cake first).

Girl showing gingerbread man to sister& Paste

Glue on raising buttons, chocolate chip eyes, and cherry life-saver lips with decorative frostings. We use the handy pre-packaged-in-a-tube kind that is found in your local grocery store (not the organic market). Squirt the frosting-glue and place the goodies…on the ginger person, not in your mouth!

Be Politically Correct

Choose vanilla and chocolate pound cake to decorate a multi-racial ginger-shaped gathering. For best results, avoid marble cake ?.

Portray Moods

“This person is happy it’s Christmas,” exclaims Betty Sue. “This boy just got his grades, and he’s scared to show them to his parents,” murmurs Nicolas. Let their immagination roll.

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