Parents Get an Advent Calendar Too!

Advent Calendar for ParentsHappy Advent !

We’re taking the four themes of advent—truth, love, joy, peace—and applying them to the family. One tid-bit per day.

Advent Wreath Inspiration

Historically, advent is celebrated with a candle-lit wreath. Every week one of the five candles is lit.

Candle 1 recognizes the prophets of old who spoke the truth even when people did not want to hear it. We'll share intriguing ways to build truthfulness in our homes.

Candle 2 points to love. Jesus came from heaven to earth out of love. Stay tuned for creative ways to express seasonal love to your kids.

Candle 3 reminds us of joy (think Christmas carol Joy to the World! )  Let’s get delight shining on our children’s faces before they open their presents…through giving of themselves in fun and entertaining ways.

Candle 4 focuses us on peace. No wonder world peace is a challenge when many of us struggle to get peace at home! Take a breather during the last days of Christmas prep with these calming tips.

Candle 5 is lit on Christmas Eve to announce the birth of Jesus Christ.

May this Advent Calendar help make your season bright!

Advent Theme Truth

Advent Theme Love

Advent Theme Joy

Advent Theme Peace

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1. On Thursday, December 1 2011, 16:39 by Denise

When I first did this advent calendar two years ago, I was not able to keep up the pace of adding a post per day. No peace of mind...especially tough since I was coming to the part about peace!!

Now, I'm adding to it again, so stay tuned.

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