Write Someone You Won’t See this Holiday

Boy writing Christmas Card“2 b or not 2 b 2gether 4 Xmas?” texted FrenchSanta. Rudolph_1901 e-mailed back with a link to a facebook page. “Wishing you a Merry Merry!” tweeted HotSnowQueen to both of them…and her 674 other followers and friends. All messages were written, read, and deleted in less than a minute. The old-fashioned hand-written note keeps longer.

Precious Pretty Paper & Irreplacable Handwriting

There’s something irreplaceable about pretty paper, pen (kids' handwriting makes the heart tingle it's so...child-like), and a genuine letter. Their rarity makes them even more precious. They’re keepsakes…here’s how..

Personalized letters get passed around to everyone in the family. (My mother even forwards me cards to France from family friends in the US!) Some families treasure and store extra-thoughtful or cute notes. We have a file for each child labelled “Special Letters” in which we keep their handwritten notes to and from them.

Children who can't write can make a card, draw one, or simply admire the others and send their love.


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1. On Tuesday, December 15 2009, 18:04 by Sonia Bohelay

Emma just loves making her own cards. She has discovered the Blo pens and for the last few days, she just spent her entire time using them. This year we'll have Blo pens cards!

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