Three + Cheers for Dad, the Family Champ !

One genuine affirmation scores high, several encouraging thoughts proclaim an all-out victory. That’s the goal on Father’s Day: to let Dad know he’s a champ.

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The Team Card

Each family member adds his word to cheer Dad on with things he does well.

“You have many fine qualities. You’ll be really successful when you realize that others do too,” my uncle told one of our sons. It’s a skill to learn to affirm, and the Team Card is a tool to make it easier. The person who receive it LOVES the multi-faceted appreciation. The ones writing it glean from the examples of the others. Word from the wizened: choose a person who sets a positive tone to start writing the Card! For a good laugh and to learn from our false starts, click here.

Download your free Dad, Family Champ card.

TheMulti-Skill Card

Try this alternative if you have an only child or if your young one has many thoughts to share. Be inspired by Rosabeth Kanter’s study on championship teams: winners track more and specific numbers (accuracy of aim, speed of 100 yard / meter dash AND games won).

Coach your child to observe Dad’s great shots in the many facets of her life: his help with her schoolwork (the intellectual dimension), his deep love for her (the emotional), his teaching of right and wrong (the spiritual), his playfulness (the physical), and his encouragement to discover new things (the cultural).

Happy Father’s Day…and Happy Many Days cheered up by genuine, affirming, winning words.

Download your free Dad, Family Champ card.

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