Million $ Birthday Chair

The Birthday Chair gets big bang out of little time, energy, and funds...and it does it every year. For less than $1, your precious child feels like $1 Million!

Decorate one chair BIG TIME: at least 6 balloons and as many streamers. The chair goes in the middle of the room where the kids (of all ages) gather for the presents. It’s the birthday child’s seat cake time. Especially, it’s the throne on which he reigns during the Birthday Story Telling.

Make it ultra special by kindly yet firmly reserving it for the birthday child; it’s part of letting him know he is one precious kid.

The Birthday Story Telling

Do you know what happened the day you were born? Loads of people—and surely your child—want to know about theirs.  Regale your precious one with nuggets of news. “Dad admired you first. Mom could not see past her tummy!” “When I took you in my arms, I discovered an additional love. It wasn’t sharing the love I had for others; it was MORE.” “You were almost born in the taxi!”

Easy Peezy, Low Cost, High Value

- Tie up balloons into bunches of three. We use extra-long strands of ribbon and curl the edges…à la gift wrap. Why 3’s? One three-balloon group has LOADS more impact than three singles. Try it; you’ll be convinced too. By the way, florists recommend displaying flowers in odd numbers (think 13 red roses, but not next to the balloons).

- Use multiple colors, sizes, and shapes of balloons. (If you’re using long balloons, include two long ones in your bundle of three, and choose your colors intelligently. Word from the embarrassed wizened!)

- Tie the bundles to the chair so that balloons are visible from all angles…think photo opportunity.

- Throw curly-cue party streamers on top of the concoction…even better, get the siblings or your child’s friends to do so. The Birthday Chair will gain in precious-ness.

The kids revel in the Birthday Chair every year. Grandpa does too.

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1. On Tuesday, March 27 2012, 11:19 by Rachael

We loved the birthday chair! Our 7 year old had his special chair at his party this weekend and loved it - and it helped me put him in the right spot at the table so I could reach him with the cake easily! Thanks!

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