Get the Best From Your Babysitter

Does the teen caring for your tot know what “great babysitting” means? Many parents pay for satisfactory child care. Why not set higher standards and train your babysitters to meet them? Check out Babysitter ABC’s (free download), teens’ first job description!

the Babysitter ABC's directly or read on for helpful tips.

We pay. We define quality.

Babysitting is a job. Parents pay, not the kids. Getting hired back is a sure sign of positive feedback. According to Ken Blanchard—author of One Minute Manager and leadership expert—genuine acknowledgement of things done well is one of the most positive motivators and often goes lacking. Bosses readily let you know when things go wrong; it’s not the same as knowing how to do things right.

Encourage these teens entering the working world by providing clear expectations so that they know how to deliver quality performance. Like when you come home from an evening out and the sink is clean, the kids are sleeping, and the TV has been off all night!

What Teens Might Want To Know

Download our Babysitter ABC’s—tried and tested on youth and parents—inspire and encourage you.

Babysitter ABC’S

- Arrive on time…even slightly in advance for a house tour
House tours breaks the ice between teen and tots. Let the kids show them their bed, where they brush teeth, and where toys are kept.

- Bed time is ________________
Stick close to it. Parents who’ve been out the night before (tired) need rested (better mood) kids in the morning.

- Call ______________________ for emergencies

- Dirty dishes go in the dishwasher
Of course you’re not the maid. I’m not yours either. Please clean up after you and the kids.

- Entertain without a screen
Read aloud. Play games. One 10 year old advises, “Be willing to spend time with me.” No audio visuals. These games require intense concentration, too much for right before bedtime.

- Follow our food rules
They are:

- Guests are not welcome

- Home is as neat as when you found it
Get the kids to help put toys away.

- Include a bathroom trip before bedtime
Believe me, it’s nicer for everyone!

- Job well done
Look around to see if there’s something you can do to go the extra mile. You’ll feel proud of yourself.

- Keep the earphones off
Tune in to the kids instead.

- Love yourself
When the children are in bed, make yourself comfortable. 

the Babysitter ABC's now.

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