Home Is Fun’s 1st Video Ever: It’s a Jungle Out There !

90 seconds of children’s insight on the wild world.  Discover how it’s truly an original…!  Click here or on photos to access video (& see comments below!)

Originality # 1: Video Without a Video Camera

This first Home Is Fun video is made without a video camera!  We submitted this video for a contest on Education for Sustainable Development to win a video camera.  We won the fun of making a decent animated slide show…but the video camera will have to wait. 

This video captures visual and audio snippets from a family safari—a trip which turned around our view of animals, wildlife, and the importance of humans.  What an education!

Originality #2:  Amazing yet Truly Amateur Photography

These magnificent photos were shot by amateurs:   a 10 year old snapping away on his  first camera, teens experimenting with angles and light, a grandparent who has learned to wait patiently for the “right” moment…and parents who know how to hold a camera steady despite lots of animation all around!

Originality # 3:  Once In a Lifetime Impressions

It’s becoming a family tradition to share highlights of our times together.  The voice over’s record the children’s impressions of this eye and thought opening experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy and pass it on.

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