Send Bouquet’s of Loving Thoughts

<img title=Do you love me, love me not, love me lots or love me tops?  Tell your precious ones you love them over the top!...with a blossoming card from all in the family.  Each person shares a message on a petal.  On its own, the petal looks….lonely.  Together they bring cheer to any heart.

Read on for instructions or download card directly.


The Inspiration
A group of two year olds made a collective birthday card.  Each toddler was given a piece of colored paper cut in the shape of a petal.  They decorated at will with colored markers and stickers.  The result?  Each petal looked…original.  Yet the flower that emerged proved genuinely attractive!
If two year old’s can do it, there’s hope for me and you.
Easy “How To’s”

- Download the Flower Card Pack.  

- Print the Card (heavy-weight paper works best) and a bouquet of Petal Sheets (on normal paper). 

<img src=- Each person receives a Petal Sheet and chooses his or her favorite floral shape.  Write a message that’s short & sweet.  (Oops, a blooper?  That's why there are several patterns on the Petal Sheet.)

- Cut out the selected petal.

- Glue the yellow tip of each petal onto the yellow center of the blossom.

- Cut out the Blossom Center and paste it on top of the collection of petal tips.

Your card is ready to slide into an envelope, address, and send with love.

Real Men Don't Do Daisies

"I'll write a card like this, but don't give me one!"  Check out our masculine version:  The Team Card

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1. On Tuesday, October 26 2010, 02:40 by Liz P

My daughter received a bouquet and absolutely loved it! Great idea Denise!!!!

2. On Monday, November 8 2010, 15:21 by Denise

The kids in her class loved doing it too. The teacher let me have the class for 10 minutes and they worked silently and attentively yet with enthusiasm. Even the teacher gave me a smile (not too big though). Glad it was a success all around.

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