Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

How "Greeky" or "geeky" is your clan? Some.  A “normal” family does not exist. We’re all unique.

Try this entertaining family activity to laugh at your oddities.  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" provides hilarious material for our own "family emotional analysis."

Good = go directly to the free downloads.

Better = read about it first!  Enjoy.

What Children REALLY Think About Family

What do Mom, Dad, and the kids think about their own kin? Of course we could ask outright. However research shows that people tend to answer questions according to what they think the inquirer expects to hear. 

Suppose Best Friend has been regularly complaining about her parents. When she asks your daughter what she thinks about family (as if that would happen), your precious one will avoid cooing over kindred unity. And yet, she’ll exclaim to Aunt Special what great fun you all have together.

We came up with three questions which stimulate folk to think outside of the box. Scroll to the end to find the answer to the nine dots.

Watch & Think

We used the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding as a stepping stone to talking about family. There’s such great meat for discussion: expectations and dreams, tribal pride and self-image, escape from vs. integrating with kin....all in a humorous context.

We did this with several other families as a Thanksgiving activity. While the turkey cooked, we watched the movie and put it on pause twice: once for a question on dreams, and next for one on family identity. At the end of the movie, as a recap, we laughed about most embarrassing moments.

Click here to download the questionnaire and get directions.

Our Family Is...

“Like a fruit salad. I don’t like all the fruit exactly the same but together it’s good.”

“Like a breakfast burrito: original and good for you!”

“When I embarrassed my sister, it cost her...her good humor. Mine too.”

Have fun. There’s nothing to lose and fun and understanding to gain.

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