If the Kids Offered Parents Some Precious Time!

For years, my husband and I have been offering our children a “Rendez Vous”—one-on-one time to enjoy as they choose. (Click for free download)

This year, I want their time too.

There are many ways to get the kids to clean a room, help sort outgrown clothes, give away old toys, and organize student's schoolwork. The less fun way is by ragging on them: "Why haven't you _________ yet?"

Give yourself a treat instead and ask the kids to offer their time to you...

- for Mother's Day or Father's Day,

- for Christmas or New Year's, or

- for a special occasion that you just made up!

Use a Timer

Don't ask for all day!  Children will be more willing to offer parents their help (today and for the next occasion) when they know it's for a pre-determined period of time. Chances are ithre is more than one occasion for a good room sweep or closet de-clutter in their life time.  Your respect of their gift today will make it easier when you ask for another one next year.

Specify how much time you think the job will take.  Encourage each other to stay focused by using a timer.  When the bell rings, it's time to say "Thank you." 

Download the Gift of One Great Moment

From:  Each child

To: Mom & Dad

 ‘cause I got what it takes.

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