Valentine's Day Grrrreat Grrreetings from Mom and Dad

Of course, we’ll all be saying, “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.  Could we be saying more?

More!  I’m breaking my back loving my child.  What else can I do?!?!

What if your back could be comfy AND your child feel more loved? We’ve designed a humorous Valentine’s Card that does just that...and still more: it helps parents be loved too.

Parents Are Precious

One of the misconceptions that too easily creeps into family rapport is that parents are the children’s servants. Moms and dads do serve the kids, but it does not turn them into slaves. If your young ones are treading that fine line between thankfulness and demandingness, consider humoring them with these wishes.

Catch how each of the five love languages (read more) is used. Whether your child responds to gifts, touch, acts of service, affirmation, or shared moments, there is something in this card just for him or her.

Here is our version. (Click on image to zoom.)

Kids Are Precious

Get your free download (Mom and Dad versions).  Personalize your "I Love You" card!

Valentine's Day Grunt Card


Photos adapted from the Internet: dog n' slipper, bark, together, balls, dog lick
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