Playing with Food

Guess who plays the most with food in our home ?  ME !

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t twiddle with the nourishment on my plate, cut it into a million pieces, and make sure not a smidgen ever reaches my mouth. 

Nonetheless, I do seek entertainment in devising meals.  We tend to repeat meals, especially the easy-to-make and enjoyed-without-a-fuss varieties.  I get bored eating the same thing.

Food Fun, Here We Come!

This October 31, we welcomed Swedish guests into our Parisian suburb home.  Neither of our families celebrates Halloween.  (Neither do our neighbors.  One record year we had two groups ring our doorbell.  The norm is zero.)   Neither am I a fan of witches, goblins, and definitely not of spiders!

But I love fun and colors, so we enjoyed an orange and black meal—all four courses plus the aperitif.  The kids—we all acted a few years younger through this entertaining meal—willingly tried new foods...and to their tricked surprise, the meal disappeared like treats.

Orange and Black Menu

Follow us on our culinary adventure. 

Purple carrot and orange carrot soup for Halloween


Orange juice drinks garnished with black grapes

Mini blinis of salmon eggs
(Above photo of mini blinis with black olive tapenade.  It's a candied eye (found in the US) perched on that carrot sliver.)



Duo of Deep Purple and Orange Carrot Soups
(Did you know there are deep purple carrots?!  It’s an ancient variety I picked up at a local farm.)

Main Course

Pork Roast with Prunes and Yams
(Not shown...tooooo conventional!)


Selection of Orange and Black French Cheeses
(The "black" goat cheeses are seasoned in ashes.  The stripe in the Morbier cheese on the right is mold.  Not a's even delicious.)


Apple and Elderberry Crumble with a Smile
(Yes, I stretched a bit on the orange here.)

A special thanks to my French friend, Sybil, who got excited about the idea and helped make it happen.  Her enthusiassm ("C'est ENORME!"  "It's HUGE!") kept me going when I wondered if the kids would look at me strange and I started getting discouraged.  It's so simple and nothing like the genius productions of Samantha Lee (see below), but i's real and it came from my kitchen.

Trick or Treat

One of our sons just returned from the US for the two week school holidays.  He went Trick or Treating for the first time ever.  He and his friend collected 16 pounds of candy while trick or treating!  When he unpacked his suitcase, my husband exclaimed, "You're NOT planning on eating THAT?!"

Hello cavities.  Hello sugar high.  Hello weight gain.  Not food.  Nor fun!

Isn’t it amazing how two different cultures (people) can look at the same situation (ex. Halloween) and interpret it soooo differently?   I guess, there is both a trick and a treat to appreciate another way of living! 

Samantha Lee Halloween food artEnjoy being surprised today.

And speaking of international food surprises, the best food art I have seen comes from Malaysian Samantha Lee on  See for yourself;  She's in a league apart.

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1. On Saturday, November 2 2013, 19:12 by Paul

Sounds fun! Good luck eating all that candy !! :)

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