The Discovery Advent Calendar

Aren’t these shepherds cute in their Christmas pageant outfits?   They aren’t the only ones with questions about Jesus.  He’s one of the most debated figures of all time.

The Discovery Advent Calendar enables you to learn what Jesus says about himself.

Download directly or read on.

One Thought.  One Verse.

For every day, discover one characteristic about Jesus and a Bible verse that explains it. 

Short.  Simple.  To the point.  Instructive.   And sweet!

-Download the Discovery Advent Calendar


-Print the cards on cardstock to be disclosed one per day

-Jesus’ words are sweet to the soul.  Add a sweet to the tummy too.  One mom enticed her teens to read these Bible verses out loud every day with a daily candy discovery too. 

- Click here for more display ideas from the “I See You”—My Precious—Advent Calendar.

Lovey Christmas

The best news about Jesus is that he, me, these darling Buddhist monks in the photo, the mean person at school (surely it’s not my kid, is it?!), and oh, oh, how Jesus loves the children.

P.S. Jesus loves teens too. 

For Buffs

For history and geography buffs, discover the Christmas story:  'Twas 9 Months Before Christmas...

For the gourmet, taste Yummy Resurrection Story Cookies

For the hunter, track down the story in our favorite children's Bible, the Rhyme Bible Storybook  Do you know the sound of donkey's feet?  You'll discover it there.

for the intellectual and erudite, listen to a businessman, diplomat, and academic speak of Jesus.


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